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Natural Sciences Professor Laura Alexander

American Basswood Tilia Americana
Linden Tiliaceae family

Leaves are large, generally heart-shaped, and have uneven bases. Leaves are alternate and measure 5"-10" long, toothed edges.

Flowers/Fruit: Flowers are white to yellowish with five petals, flowering June through August. The fruit is hard and grows in nut-like clusters. Both the flowers and fruit are attached by a leaf-like bracet, which is distinguishing to Lindens.

Twigs/Bark: Twigs are generally spotted and have bright red alternating buds, which resemble apple seeds. Bark is dark and grooved when mature, smooth when young.

Form/Habitat: Basswood is a strong eco-indicator of rich, moist woods. Commonly grows 50'-80'.

NWI Status: FACU

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