Common lilac Syringa vulgaris
Olive Oleaceae family

Leaves are heart-shaped with long pointed tips growing 2"-5". Leaves are smooth and entire, lighter underneath, and are opposite.

Flowers/Fruits: Flowers are 'lilac' purple and sometimes white in color and very fragrant. They form on 4"-8" stalks and occasionally grow in pairs. Individial flowers are small, tube-like and have four petals. Blooms May to June. Fruits are small, dry caspsules.

Buds/Twigs: Buds are redish and almost square with 2-3 thick scales. Twigs are gray to gray-brown and bark is smooth.

Form/Habitat: This shrub can grow between 8'-15' and spread from 6'-12' wide. Prefers dry, akaline soil.

NWI Status: N/A

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