Black Locust Robinia pseudo-acacia
Bean Fabaceae family

Leaves: Once-compound leaves, leaflets 6-20, egg-shaped. Strong 1/2-1" paired thorns flank nearly-circular leaf scars.

Flowers/Fruits: Flowers are medium sized, white, clustered, very fragant, bloom May through June. Fruits are 2-6" long, flat pods. Appear September through April.

Twig/Bark: Twigs moderately stout, hairless; bundle scars. The trunk is usually divided and bark is distinctly braided.

Buds: White-hairy buds burst through leaf scars upon enlargement.

Form/Habitat: A medium-sized tree reaching heights of 40'-60'. Found in woods and fields and also often planted near homes.


Text by Morgan Jenkins for CES301.

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