Purple Flowering Raspberry Rubus odoratus
Rose Rosaceae family

Leaves are maple-like but unlike the maple family this species is alternate. New growth, leaves, and twigs are often hairy, leaves are also toothed. Commonly leaves are 4"-5" but occasionally can be found growing up to 10" wide!

Flowers/Fruits: Flowers are purple to pinkish and rarely white, have 5 petals and reach 1"-2", blooms June through September. Berries are seedy, dry, and red. Appear July through September and are edible but not tasty like other raspberry plants.

Bark: Flowering raspberries bark becomes shreddy and papery with age.

Form/Habitat: This species is a thornless shrub growing approximately 5' tall and prefers rich woodlands that are dry to moist.

NWI Status: Unknown

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