My Colby-Sawyer Experience

“The work load increased the second year, which made the class more difficult than expected, but we all made it through.”
Kayt Racz, Communication Studies

Red Raspberry Rubus idaeus
Rose Rosaceae family

Leaves are compound and elliptic in shape, commonly 3 leaflets to a leaf. They are toothed and whitened underneath.

Flowers/Fruit: The fruit of raspberries separates easily from a knob on the stem. A hole is left at the base of the fruit and helps to distinguish it from blackberries and dewberries.

Twigs are bristly and arching.

Form/Habitat: Red raspberry is a shrub that grows to 6'. Found in clearings, fields, and thickets. Flowers May-June.

NWI Status: FAC-

Text by Thad Soule for CES301.

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