White Oak Quercus alba
Beech Fagaceae family

Leaves evenly and deeply lobed. The ends of the leaves are rounded, unlike red oak whose leaves are sharp and pointy on the ends. Hairless and somewhat lighter on the underside, 2"-9".

Flowers/Fruit: Flowers indistinguishable, in long clusters. The acorn cup is bowl shaped and matures in one year.

Bark is coarse and deeply furrowed on older species. Branches gnarled, twigs hairless with red-brown buds in a cluster at the end of the twig. Just like the leaves, the buds are rounded. Like all oaks, the buds are clustered at the ends of the twigs. Often times lichens are found on oaks.

Form/Habitat: Deciduous or mixed woods. White oak is fire resistant, so will be found in very dry, fire-prone areas. Crown often much wider than it is high, usually 60'-80'. Flowers May-June.

Winter Identification: Bark has deep furrows and vertical strips.

NWI Status: FACU-

Text by Thad Soule for CES301.

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