Bigtooth aspen Populus grandidentata
Willow Salicaceae family

Leaves are alternate, 5 - 15 pair of large-teeth (hence the name), with flattened petioles (the leaf stem). These leaves are white and very fuzzy when they first appear in the spring. Leaves are 2 - 6" long.

Flowers are in the form of catkins that grow very long and look like fuzzy caterpillars; then they release cottony seeds.

Twigs are usually hairless, and buds are gray-hairy.
Bark is smooth and yellowish-green. This is an easy tree to identify by the color of its bark. This is a smooth bark as a young tree; it developes vertical dark ridges as it matures.

Identification at 70 m.p.h. is easy. Look along I-89 for yellowish-green bark and fairly thick branches. Leaves will almost always be fluttering.

Form/habitat: Bigtooth aspen is a small to medium - sized tree, 30 - 40' high and 1 - 2' in diameter. These are fast growing, short-lived trees that will colonize disturbed areas.

NWI Status: FACU-

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