Partridgeberry Mitchella repens
Bedstraw or Madder Rubiaceae family

Leaves: are small, roundish, evergreen, shining, and 1/2 -1" long. They are paired and the stem is trailing. The mid vein is prominent, and yellowish.

The flower: is pinkish to white, in a twinlike union at the end of the stem. They are 4-petaled, and about 1/2" long. Blooms June - July.

Fruit: is a single red, edible berry with 2 blemish marks left from the flower that give it the appearance of E.T. The berry can be seen on the plant for most of the year.

Form/Habitat: Partridgeberry is a common woodland plant around here and in the mountains. Look for it where you find Canada mayflower, trillium, goldthread, yellow clintonia, among others.

NWI Status: FACU

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