My Colby-Sawyer Experience

“This work is my ministry,” she says, “and I've been placed on our Earth for this reason. Helping the poor is one of the areas that gives my life great meaning.”
Photographer Jill Booth Macdonell '57

175th Celebration

In 2012 the college celebrated 175 years as an institution of teaching and learning. Visit the 175th website for more information and to view photos of the events.

Garden Mock OrangePhiladelphus coronarius
Hydgrangea Hydraneaceae family

Leaves egg - shaped with short petioles. At first glance, the leaves look like dogwood because the veins tend to follow the shape of the leaf.

Flowers/Fruit: White flowers up to 2" across, found at the end of the twig, four petals. 5 - 7 flowers in a cluster. Very fragrant, giving off an orange scent. The fruit is a capsule filled with many seeds.

Outer bark is often times exfoliating. Twigs have verticle lines or ridges.

Form/Habitat: Found along roadsides. Flowers June-July.

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