Pale or Bog Laurel Kalmia polifolia
Heath Ericaceae family

Leaves are shiny, opposite, evergreen, rolled-under and whitened underneath with smooth margins. They are 1 - 2" long.

Flowers are cup-shaped, darker pink than Sheep Laurel, with flower clusters at the tips of the stems, rather than along stems. Flowers are 1/2 - 7/8" across. Blooms in May here.

Fruit is a 5-parted hard capsule.

Pale Laurel is shown here growing with Bog Rosemary. Bog Rosemary's leaves are narrower, and bluish-green.

Form/Habitat: Pale laurel is a small shrub (to 2') that grows in cold bogs and on mountaintops.

You will find it in New London at the Philbrick-Cricenti's bog, and the bog in the Esther Currier Low Plains area.

NWI Status: OBL

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