Winterberry Holly Ilex verticillata
Holly Aquifoliaceae family

Leaves are alternate, coarsely toothed, varying from narrow to wide, although they are usually elliptical. They form a short, blunt point at the tip. They are 2 - 4" long.

Flowers are small and white growing in the axils.

Fruit is a scarlet berry with a black dot, and like the flower, they are against the twig. Often you will see two berries close together. These are the bright flashes of red you see in the fall when driving by a wetland.

Twigs are gray with white patches. The one on the right in this picture is winterberry. (On the left is balsam fir.)

Form/Habitat: Winbterberry holly is a shrub that can grow to 15' or so, but often is 6 - 8' tall. Wet, acidic areas is the preferred habitat.

Winter Identification: Bright red berries will commonly persist through the winter months, making this plant easy to spot against the white snow.

NWI Status: FACW+

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