Leatherleaf Chamaedaphne calyculata
Heath Ericaceae family

Leaves are narrow and elongated, toothless, leathery-feeling, somewhat shiny, and evergreen. They appear yellowish underneath, and if you look with a hand lends you will notice the entire leaf is covered with tiny rust-colored dots. 1 - 2" long. Leaves get smaller toward the end of the twig, and often they point up.

Flowers are tiny, white bell-shaped flowers, tinged with yellow, that grow in a raceme from the end of the twig. They, unlike the leaves tend to stay the same size toward the end of the raceme. Once the flower has gone by, a brown, hard seed-pod is left in its place.

Twigs are woody and hairless.

Form/Habitat: Leatherleaf is a low shrub (to 4'), that grows near the water. You will often find it at water's edge, and in bogs.

NWI Status: OBL

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