Silky Dogwood Cornus amomum
Dogwood Cornaceae family

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Leaves are easily recognizable as dogwood leaves, with distinctive veins that follow the leaf margins. Leaves are opposite, broadly egg-shaped, and pointed at the tip. They have 3-5 pairs of veins, and are smooth above and somewhat hairy underneath. 2 - 4" long.

Flower is a flat-topped cluster of tiny, white, 4-petaled flowers, blooming in June.

Fruits are blue berries.

Twigs are red or maroon (sometimes green) with a tan or brown pith. They are covered with tiny, silky hairs.

Form/Habitat: Silky dogwood is a small to medium sized shrub that likes wet environments. Grows to 10' tall.

Winter identification: Look for red to maroon twigs, with a silky-hairy coating and a brown pith, growing near a wet area.

NWI Status: FACW

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