Mountain Maple Acer spicatum
Maple Aceraceae family

Leaves are 3 - 5 lobed, coarsely toothed, and easily confused with Red Maple. They can be slightly hairy underneath and grow 2"-10."
Flowers are distinctive among maples, as they are white and appear in a long raceme appearing above the leaves. Blooms May to June.

Twigs/Bark: Twigs are slender, yellowish green to reddish brown and coated with very short grey hairs. The bark is dark, smooth to slightly grooved and greenish in color, but does not have distinctive stripes as the Striped Maple does.
Form/Habitat:Mountain Maple is a shrubby tree, usually not exceeding 20' tall, and usually not more than about 4" in diameter. It is not as common as red, sugar or striped maple in our region. These pictures were taken on Whitney Brook Road.

Winter identification:Twigs are reddish in color and similar to Red Maple, with the exception that Mountain Maple twigs tend to be covered with light gray velvety hairs.
NWI Status: FACU-

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