Sugar Maple Acer saccharum
Maple Aceraceae family

Leaves are 5-lobed, with a "U" shape in the lobe. They are pale underneath, and 2 - 10" long. These leaves turn orange to yellow in the fall.

Flowers are yellow, and hang in clusters. They bloom in May.

Fruit is a samara following the flowers, 1 1/2" x 1 1/8" long on a fairly short stalk.

Bark is brown-gray, and older bark is vertically ridged and rough.

Form/Habitat: Sugar maple is a common tree in our woods, and has a roundish shape. It is a large tree, 40 - 60' tall, and 1 - 2' in diameter.

Interesting Fact: These are the trees that are tapped for maple syrup, and the trees that line Main Street on our campus front lawn.

Winter identification: Twigs are reddish brown, glossy, and straight. There is a long pointed end bud, and pointed side buds at the end of the twig. Think "sugar - sharp."

NWI Status: FACU-

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