Silver Maple Acer saccharinum
Maple Aceraceae family

Leaves are deeply 5-lobed, and whitish underneath. They are 2 - 10" long.

Flowers are red to yellow and are nearly indistinguishable from Red Maple. They bloom in March to April.

Fruit is the samara. The samara is somewhat "v" shaped, and the "wings" are much longer than that of red or sugar maple. Fruits appear April - June.

Bark is gray and tends to peel off in long strips as is gets older. Some say that is smells like "a musty old attic" if you peel off the bark or break a twig.

Form/Habitat: Silver maple grows in alluvial plains, but is sometimes planted along streets and near buildings, where it will survive and thrive. It is a large tree, 40 - 60' tall, with 1 - 2' diameters.

Winter identification is tough. Silver maple is easily confused with red maple as its buds are similar in structure and color. One clue that you are looking at a silver maple is that the twigs are often hanging toward the ground, but they "swoop" up at the end.

NWI Status: FACW

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