Red Maple Acer rubrum
Maple Aceraceae family

Red Maple LeavesLeaves are opposite, toothed, lobed, with v-shaped notches in the lobes.Petioles are often red on top. Leaves turn red in the fall.

Flowers are red to red-yellow, and bloom April to early May. From a distance, the tree takes on a red hue.

Samaras hang in clusters at the end of twigs following the flowers.

Bark is gray with white patches when young, and gets shaggy-looking as it gets older with vertical, thick, flaky ridges.

Form/habitat: Red maple is a generalist, but tends to prefer wetter places.

Winter identification: Twigs are red and straight. Buds are roundish with 4-6 scales.

NWI Status: FAC

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