Striped Maple Acer pensylvanicum
a.k.a. "goosefoot maple" or "moosewood."
Maple or Aceraceae family

Leaves are opposite, and finely serrated (where other maples are toothed).
They are very large and lobed.

Bark is distinctive. Just like it's name, it is striped - green with white stripes.

Flowers are yellow, and fall in long, hanging clusters from the end of the twig. Striped maple is one of the earliest spring bloomers in early May. The samaras follow in the same shape as the flowers.

Form/Habitat:Striped maple is found in newly created gaps in the forest and will colonize an area and thrive until the canopy is closed and other trees shade it. Trees over 20' in height or greater than 6" in diameter are rare. Older bark is still striped, although not as distinctively, and the colors are more muted as shades of dark green and brown. Look for striped maple in cool, moist, shaded forests with somewhat enriched soil. Striped maple is popular moose browse.

Winter identification twigs are smooth and may appear as either green or red in color. In the winter, they appear bamboo-like. Buds are opposite and long.

NWI Status: FACU

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