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internships and careers

It's one thing to learn in Colby-Sawyer's classrooms and laboratories. It's another to apply your classroom skills in the real world through practical, hands-on experiences.

By the time they graduate, 98 percent of Colby-Sawyer students have completed some form of professional preparation experience, including internships, clinical internships, student teaching, and service-learning. Internships offer the opportunity to try a potential career; develop specific skills and knowledge related to a career; develop professional contacts and learn directly from experienced professionals. And, an average 23 percent are hired by the companies where they complete those internships.

Students say that gaining experience in a real-world situation - which includes going through the interview process, working with others, navigating the cultures of various work environments and putting their skills to use – is invaluable.

Harrington Center for Career and Academic Advising

When it comes to finding the perfect internship or first job, students have a range of resources, including the Harrington Center for Career and Academic Advising , alumni of the college and faculty connections.

At the Harrington Center for Career and Academic Advising , students can meet with a counselor to explore career options, internship opportunities and graduate schools.