Wise Paper Usage

Wise Printing & Paper Conservation

Information Resources is re-deploying a tool that helps raise awareness about the amount of paper we use. It tracks pages printed and translates that number into some environmental metrics to help us understand our impact. Join us in "Walking Our Talk" by thinking harder about what you really need to print, printing double-sided, going paperless where you can and recycling the paper you're no longer using.

Paperless Offices

To reduce the amount of paper we use on campus many offices are "going paperless" and beginning to move resources and processes online. This sustainability practice saves the college money, improves efficiency and makes things more convenient for everyone.

100% Recycled Paper Policy

In 2010 the college instituted a 100% recycled paper policy so that all of the office and copy paper we buy is 100% recycled. We also make a concerted effort to print other collateral (admissions materials, the Alumni Magazine, and more) on recycled paper, with soy-based inks.

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