sustainability at colby-sawyer college

GreenROUTES is a campus-wide initiative to eliminate our greenhouse gas emissions, integrate sustainability into our curriculum and overall educational experience, and achieve our shared vision of personal well-being, social justice, financial security and environmental stability for ourselves and our larger global community. View our current progress and programs in the GreenROUTES Sustainability Timeline.

Empowering Our Students to Change the World

Colby-Sawyer College has always been guided in its decision-making process by the answer to one question, “How will students benefit?” To perennially increase that benefit our response has been to improve the experience we offer in our classrooms, on campus and beyond.

In this age of globalization we recognize that there is a level of connectedness and consequence that exists beyond the boundaries of our community. We believe that students will benefit if we take responsibility for those outcomes as well.

We have always been good at caring for each other within our college community, but by committing to sustainability and signing the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment we have extended that locus of care in a significant way. We are reaching beyond our campus to people and species around the globe and to future generations who will inherit the outcome of the choices we make today.

Our students and their children and grandchildren will all benefit as we model global citizenship in our infrastructure, operations, culture and curriculum. From that mindful perspective, we can all begin to learn first-hand how to find satisfaction and success in a society that is moving toward a clean-energy economy and responsibly addressing the origins and impacts of climate change and other social and environmental issues.

As we develop and embody the skills and characteristics that reflect the positive changes occurring in the world, our students become the very people that the world needs. We create a local living model of what a thriving and sustainable community can be.

In Big Ways and Small, College Has Gone Green

On Aug. 1, 2010, the Concord Monitor published an editorial by Colby-Sawyer President Thomas Galligan outlining the steps the college has recently taken to help us move toward our two related visions: the quantitative achievement of climate neutrality and the qualitative embodiment of whole systems sustainability. Read the full article: In Big Ways and Small, College Has Gone Green.

Colby-Sawyer Signs Contract for Green Energy as Part of Climate Action Plan to Create a Sustainable Campus

Colby-Sawyer College announced a new utilities package that features a three-year electricity contract combined with an additional component that will power the college with renewable energy sources and reduce the college's carbon emissions by 43 percent. Read the full article on Investing in Green Energy.