planned giving

The Heritage Society was founded in 1992 to thank and recognize those individuals who have provided for Colby-Sawyer through their estate plans. The college expresses its deep gratitude for the foresight and generosity of the alumni and friends who have joined the Heritage Society by informing the college of arrangements that include Colby-Sawyer.

Estate gifts range in type from bequests, annuities and pooled income fund contributions to a variety of trusts. The amount of these gifts spans all levels, and we are truly grateful to those who choose to support the college through the Colby-Sawyer Fund now and through planned gifts for future excellence.

The college's Planned Giving officers assist individuals and families who wish to consider deferred gifts or gifts which require special planning. In every case, the college will work to ensure that your financial objectives are accounted for and that your gifts will accomplish priorities shared by you and the college. The information below outlines some of the planned giving options available. Whether your philanthropic intentions are combined with a desire to generate an income stream for now or for the future, to preserve family wealth, to provide for care needs of a family member, to reduce a tax burden, or another situation, a college officer can help you determine how to best accomplish your goals. For more specific information or to discuss your intentions, please submit the inquiry form or call Planned Giving Officer Peg Andrews '85 at (603) 526-3726.

Thank you for considering Colby-Sawyer in your estate and financial plans.


A will (or revocable trust) is way to provide for the organizations and individuals we care most about after our death. By naming Colby-Sawyer in your will, you share a vote of confidence in our work now, and provide resources to the college far into the future.

A bequest provision may be for a specific sum of money, or for a percentage of one's estate. In any case, a will is a private document and need not be shared. Additionally, a will may be changed at any time.


In planning your contributions to Colby-Sawyer, you may wish to gift appreciated securities. The tax benefits for you, the donor, are often significant, and therefore, securities are a popular gift vehicle.

To transfer securities to Colby-Sawyer, you or your broker are invited to contact Operations Coordinator Lauri Justice at (603) 526-3735 or for instructions.


Gifts of real estate or personal property can be advantageous to you and to the college. Colby-Sawyer is happy to consider a variety of property offerings. To discuss a particular item, collection or property, please contact Vice President for Advancement Beth Cahill at (603) 526-3729.

Trusts and Annuities

Charitable trusts and annuities offer increasingly popular funding options for donors of all ages. Several options exist. A Colby-Sawyer gift officer would be happy to discuss the options with you, to explain the benefits of each vehicle, and to illustrate the impact of each type of investment on your personal finances, your tax consequence, and your ability to support Colby-Sawyer over time. For specific information, please contact Planned Giving officer Peg Andrews '85 or submit the inquiry form.

Rates Effective January 1, 2012

Approved by the American Council on Gift Annuities on November 7, 2011
"Given the significant changes in the economy, the ACGA Board has approved a new schedule of suggested maximum gift annuity rates which became effective on January 1, 2012. Donors older than 60, one-life gift annuity rates decline by approximately 0.5% to 0.8%."

Single Life Joint Life
Age Rate Age Rate
705.1 %70 & 754.8 %
755.8 %75 & 755.0 %
806.8 %80 & 825.9 %
857.8 %80 & 827.0 %

Pooled Income Fund

Colby-Sawyer's Pooled Income Fund accepts contributions from multiple donors. The funds are commingled, in a balance of bonds and equities, and each contributor receives a pro-rata share of the dividend and interest income on a quarterly basis. The minimum investment is $5,000, and additional contributions can be added in increments of $1,000.