progressive scholars program

The Progressive Scholars Program is designed to recruit and retain talented and passionate urban and underrepresented students who possess leadership roles in their schools, jobs and communities. The students join a dynamic cohort on campus, support each other, and develop their unique talents and skills. Their diverse perspectives, devotion to excellence, academic engagement and dialogue foster a spirit of inclusivity that permeates all aspects of life at Colby-Sawyer College.

Every year 20 Progressive Scholars receive a full tuition scholarship to attend Colby-Sawyer with the expectation that they will: strive to maintain an academic GPA of 2.7, attend the Progressive Scholar Orientation and Progressive Scholar Seminar, and demonstrate passion, character and strength through leadership roles on campus. Progressive Scholars are typically recommended from our Partner Schools & Programs:

• Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, MA
• City On A Hill, MA
• Codman Academy, MA
• Boston Preparatory, MA
• Malden High School, MA
• North Lawndale College Preparatory High School, IL

Eligible Students Are:
  1. Recommended by a high school or community based organization
  2. Leaders in their school, community or place of work
  3. Academically accomplished maintaining a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale
Recommended Student - Application Requirements due November 15th, 2014:
  1. Interview with Admissions: arrange by emailing no later than November 1st, 2014
  2. Submit the Common Application (Fee is waived) The Common Application Essay (650 word max), should reflect your strengths, character, leadership and exemplifying characteristics of one who would be a Progressive Scholar
  3. One Letter of Recommendation: From either a guidance counselor or teacher who can speak to the student's candidacy for the Progressive Scholarship
  4. Official High School Transcript
  5. Submit a Resume: Resumes can be emailed to or bring to your interview
Student Accomplishments & Campus Engagement:

In the 2014 incoming Progressive Scholar Program the average GPA was 3.22 signifying the academic excellence Progressive Scholars achieve before even arriving. Once on campus Progressive Scholar accomplishments and leadership roles are numerous:

• In celebration of Black History Month, students organized and performed an evening of poetry readings to honor African-American poets. Additionally, students created educational displays promoting the achievements and contributions of African-American women in society.
• Progressive Scholars participated in a leadership and identity development workshop, after which scholars met with faculty and senior officers of the college to help shape and form what the Progressive Scholars Program should be.
• The Gospel Choir, created by a Progressive Scholar, continues to be an active performance group on campus and in New London

Progressive Scholar Orientation

New Progressive Scholars are invited and required to attend a special orientation program that occurs a few days prior to the main orientation program for new students. This special program is full of outings, activities and mentoring that gives the students an opportunity for bonding as a group, building a sense of support community, and getting acclimated to our campus and college environment before the busy fall semester begins.


To recommend a student, become a partnered school or inquire about the program email:
Fax 603.526.3452  

For more information about the program content and structure:

Kimberly Sauerwein

Director of Student Success, Retention, and Intercultural Education