– November 30th, 2012 by Alex Banat –

Stand above hatred

Fellow students, several weeks ago we witnessed the occurrence of racism, sexism, and anti-Semitism. I am addressing the Colby-Sawyer College student base to announce my anger, hurt, and disgust at this sick prank. 70 years ago human society was subject to a time of horrible atrocities. The Nazi party led by Adolf Hitler decided to bring the people of Germany together, and take the anger felt from the country’s oppression after World War I, and found a place to take their anger and pain and direct it. Non-Arians and members of the Jewish religion became a target of hatred which soon led to their separation from their country’s society. They were led to concentration camps and murdered on a genocidal scale. Millions of people treated worse than animals, starved of food and kindness, and used as test subjects for war machine weapons. It was a point in history where a race or group of human beings were stripped of their humanity and destroyed. After their deaths, the Nazi soldiers heading these concentration camps took from the murdered to supply the Axis war effort. Things such as the gold from their teeth, the shoes they no longer needed, and the fat from their bodies were used to supply soldiers. Eventually the Axis was defeated and the concentration camps disassembled, but the descendants from the people forced into those camps remember. We do not remember for hatred, but instead remember those atrocities to ensure it never happen again.

This history lesson is to remind those responsible for what was written that they are supporting a time when humanity showed its darkest side on such a massive scale. I am not a practicing member of the Jewish religion, but what happened to my grandfather and grandmother, and all their friends were stripped of their lives and humanity for simply believing in something different and being born into their families. Adolf Hitler made the Jewish people a race. Yes there had been oppression against my ancestors for thousands of years, but the Holocaust was a highpoint. I am also a Brazilian so the attack at different races also disgusts me. Not because I have dual citizenship, but because as a member of the human race I know that we must be above these petty beliefs now. Our society must remember what happened because we can never again let our species reach its darkest side.

We are a campus located in New London, New Hampshire ladies and gentlemen. I challenge my fellow students to support those hurt or offended by what was written and drawn on the Burpee Residence Hall bulletin board. I ask those that wrote on the wall this question. Should we continue the cycle of hatred that spirals into war, or can we be above that? Can we find it within ourselves to stand above hatred, racism, sexism, and anti-Semitism? It is the year 2012 now. I must say this, as a society, we must evolve and grow from our mistakes to ensure we never make them again, or destroy ourselves. Stand above it Colby-Sawyer College, and stand with me to say “We will be above hatred, and we are here to stay.”

-Alexander Banat

Member of the Human Race

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