– March 8th, 2013 by Parker Pearlstein –

Harlem shakes video raises concerns

The Harlem Shake has taken the Internet by storm. It features a 30-second clip that surrounds one person dancing and a bunch of people oblivious to the dance followed by the rest of the room joining in to the dance when the beat drops.

Why this has caught the internet by storm is as good a question as any, one I do not have the answer to, but what it has done is attracted the likes of the Norwegian Army breaking into dance half way through a drill, an ultimate Frisbee team breaking into the shake during a flight, and protestors in Egypt shaking outside the Islamic headquarters.

What is mostly a harmless dance though has sparked a slight controversy in our community. As college students we are told to think about our decisions prior to making them, something one group of Colby-Sawyer Harlem shakers did not do before posting their video onto Youtube.com.

What I don’t believe they realized prior was the rules of living in dormitories. In the video they are playing pong to start, something prohibited from campus even if it is just water inside the cups. This act is enough to put you on housing probation if you aren’t on it to begin with.

Next is the visible beer bottle in the screen. You can argue it’s water pong all you like, but in my years I have never seen a group of kids play water pong without any alcohol in the vicinity. The trend has taken off, and I’m not quite sure whether this video was made to make people look cool or if it was made because you had nothing better to do, but the best choice for you would be to pull it off of the internet.

My last quam with the Harlem shake is that people in Harlem hate it. In every video they do the shake wrong. The Harlem shake is a specific dance, and it’s a tradition within the Harlem community.

Next time you decide to take on a internet trend, just remember everyone around you is watching and will constantly be judging which is what happens when it’s up for everyone to see.


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