– February 27th, 2013 by Amazjah Grant –

Women’s basketball advances to NCAA

Colby-Sawyer women’s basketball started the NAC tournament with a bang. The women had a great game against Lyndon State Feb. 19 in Hogan. The game started off with Lyndon State in the lead 5-0, but they knew what had to be done to win. So, they worked very hard to show the Hornets why they are no. two in the league. They did that by winning 71-46.

At half-time the Chargers were leading by 14, which made the score 38-24. The women came out to win the championship, and they knew that hard work would lead them there. So, they rebounded, made great layups and three- pointers. The most important detail that the Chargers did was play extraordinary defense. That defense worked so well because of their great communication on the court.

The Chargers were led by Junior Ashley Fruzzetti with 12 points, which were mostly three pointers. Seniors Cailin Bullet and Taylor DeSanty both scored 11 points in the game. Those points came from a lot of rebounds. Mari Meserve was the women for the job; she grabbed seven rebounds and netted 10 points as well.

Since Lyndon State started with a 5-0 start during the first half, the Chargers decided to not let them get closer than 15 points during the second half. The Chargers succeeded in that goal by outrebounding them. They went on to play New England College in Castleton, Ver. in the NAC semi-finals

The Chargers beat NEC 62-52 Feb. 22 and then advanced to the finals of the contest, where they were looking to avenge an earlier 46-70 loss to Castleton State They were determined to beat Castleton on its home court and won 65-59. Junior Ashley Fruzzetti said, “ … to be the only team to beat them during their season shows how hard we play and how much we push to be able to compete with such a good team. The win was truly bittersweet.”

The women worked hard to get through the NAC tournament. Now they will work just as hard against Ithaca College on March 1 in the NCAA tournament opening round in Southern Maine.

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