– April 25th, 2014 by Sharai Murry –
Open House

Welcome class of 2018!

It was a hit! On Saturday, April 12, Colby-Sawyer College opened its door to more than 600 students and families from across the world that may spend the next four years of their life here. Every year Colby-Sawyer plans an open house for those students that deposited their money and for other students who are trying to make their final decision whether to attend the school or not. An opportunity to come to the campus and see the dorm rooms, class rooms, and meet other students is amazing.

The day started with the students and parents arriving on campus with smiles on their faces. Students were grouped with tour guides to show them around the campus. First stop on the campus tour were the dorm rooms. Students were shown residence halls like Burpee, Shepard, Austin, and Best, with Resident Assistants (RA) ready to greet anybody who walked into the doors. Students and parents visited the Susan Colgate Cleveland Library, Colby farm, Sawyer Arts Center, Ware Student Center and other places on campus.

After walking around, parents and students were able to eat lunch at the dining hall. The dining hall had everything a person could think of. Different foods like hearty Beef Vegetable soup, Buttered Egg Noodles, green peas, steamed Cauliflower with cheese Sauce, four different types of homemade pizza, and an open salad bar were some of the options. After the great meal, people had the option to go to the dessert bar, as well.

After lunch students were able to go to panels that were setup for them to ask any questions about Colby-Sawyer. There were two different panels, one for the parents and one for the students.

By the afternoon, the sun was out. By mid-afternoon, there was a Rugby game on the quad. The boy’s Rugby team had scrimmage game among themselves. There was great music playing and students, who were taking study breaks, was watching the game.

Some people stayed for the dance show that was happening later that night. Other parents and students decided to depart after they did everything that was planned for open house. The semester is now coming to an end and people are excelling to the next level. Freshmen are becoming sophomores, sophomores are becoming juniors, juniors are becoming seniors, and seniors are entering the real world. Now it’s time for those seniors in high school, who are coming to CSC, to become a proud freshman Charger in the fall of 2014. WELCOME future Chargers!



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