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Vital Dilemma production hitting final stages

Students, Alumni, and faculty gathered to a shoot a movie for Windcrossings’ latest production, A Vital Dilemma, directed by Senior Kryslyn Rousseau at White house this past weekend, March 23 and 24.

Colby-Sawyer sophomore Zach Matson adapted his play presented at last fall’s SNAFU production, sponsored by the Fine and Performing Arts Department. The plot centers around three best friends stumbling upon a mysterious heart in a box and figuring out what exactly they should do.

On set there was lots of laughter, accompanied by very hard work done by all. “It’s been really exciting. We are lucky to have such great people to work with,” stated Rousseau.

Alumni Will Peters and Mike Mooney, alongside current Media Studies Associate Professor Donna Berghorn were there to share their knowledge about film and help produce a short film that will leave audience members laughing even when the credits roll.

“I think it was great. This was my first one. I thought it was really fun actually. I hope I get to do this as a career or something,” explained Hannah Akinola who assisted on set.

Ethan O’Connell, Mike Clark and Arron Hodge star in the movie.

“I think that this has broadened my acting horizons and from here I’m going to go places. I’m going to be big one day, you’ll see,” exclaimed O’Connell.

The short film follows the three as they address different questions running throughout their heads of what to do with this mysterious heart in a box.

Filming went very smoothly, thanks mostly to the guidance from Peters, Mooney and Berghorn. “Having the alumni like Will Peters and Mike Mooney just willing to come back to school and pay it forward has been really inspiring,” said Rousseau with a smile on her face.

 A Vital Dilemma will be premiered May 4 at Colby-Sawyer’s own film festival: Windcrossing. An annual film festival dedicated to the memory and legacy of Professor of Humanities Donald Coonley.

For more information on A Vital Dilemma check out Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/#!/AVitalDilemma?fref=ts




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