– April 26th, 2013 by Chad Reilly –
175 anniversary

Town-Gown relations strengthened by technology

For the extent of their long relationship, Colby-Sawyer has kept the New London town administration and the residents informed in various ways. Whenever there is an event or fundraiser, the school makes an effort to place information in the Kearsarge Shopper, which is read by the entire community. In the fast paced world of 2013, technology must be a main component in effectively reaching out. Therefore, the nl-nh.com administration graciously agreed to embed a Colby-Sawyer College link in the left-hand column of the homepage.

Once residents click on the link, they will find access to valuable programs and information that the college offers. These include: upcoming cultural events, a schedule for intercollegiate athletic events, Susan Colgate Cleveland library resources and Hogan sports center membership opportunities. Parents may be interested in Windy Hill school enrollment information. Area residents can access the newest Adventures in Learning program for adults.

According to 235 resident responses of the town-gown survey sent out by the college regarding community engagement, 52 percent said they would visit the Colby-Sawyer College link 1-3 times a month and 10 percent stated they would visit 3-6 times per month. Next, 51 percent show interest in the Adventures in Learning program sponsored by the college, with 22 percent confirming their prior membership as well. When questioned about which events they typically attend each year, 45 percent stated cultural, and educational came in second with 26 percent. The bottom line, 61 percent believe the college and town have a great business relationship and partnership, with 32 percent saying neutral. Only 8 percent believe they do not.

Town Administrator Kim Hallquist trusts that her commerce with the influential members of the town is beneficial for all. “Everybody knows each other. We all meet quarterly: me, President Thomas Galligan, Bruce King, head of New London hospital, and Jerry Frew, the superintendent of schools. We bounce things off each other at lunch and deal with issues immediately.”

President of Colby-Sawyer Thomas C. Galligan Jr. exclaimed that making relations comfortable and constant is imperative to co-existence. “We are fortunate enough to have a great relationship with the town and organizations. Our students do a lot of work with New London Hospital. The Hospital also provides support for us all the time. I have a great routine lunch with the town administrator, head of the school board and head of the hospital where we share ideas on how to grow together.”

The direct communication will ensure a sustainable relationship. This new Colby-Sawyer College link on the nl-nh.com homepage is designed to encourage community members to engage with the college.

For more information on Colby-Sawyer College visit nl-nh.com and click the Colby-Sawyer College link on the homepage.

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