– October 5th, 2012 by Abigail DelVecchio –
lot K

Be sure to lock your car

There have been rumors spreading throughout the student body about repeated vehicle break-ins around campus, specifically in K lot. However, according to Campus Safety, these claims do not seem to hold much weight.

Head of Campus Safety Pete Berthiaume states, “Since the start of the academic year Campus Safety has received one report of a vehicle having items stolen from it while parked on campus. The vehicle was parked in lot K, and the owner reported that it was left unlocked. Items taken were a GPS, a cell phone charger and an iPod adapter.”

This is extremely reassuring and quells many fears students have been feeling, especially when walking alone through these areas after dark. Junior Victoria Rennie explains, “I am very relieved that these stories aren’t true. I’ve always felt Colby-Sawyer was a very safe campus and this only reassures that Campus Safety is doing their job just as well as they always have been.”

Since there is not much concern left, the only solution seems to be to plan in case of such instances actually occurring. Recently an e-mail was sent campus wide, dispensing the Annual Security Report and Annual Fire Safety Report. This online packet of information provides all students and faculty with a three year record of crime on campus, in certain off campus areas, and locations that are directly affiliated with Colby-Sawyer. This was issued in accordance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, which would require Campus Safety to inform students of any welfare threat against them. Basically, if there were a stream of vehicle break-ins, Campus Safety would be obligated to inform the student body.

The issue now becomes whether or not students are paying attention to what Campus Safety is trying to do for them. Senior Madeline Venezia explains, “I honestly didn’t even know an e-mail was sent. I am grateful that Campus Safety is keeping up to date with everything, but I don’t think I’ll have the time to sit down and read such a long list of information.” Venezia’s statement seems reasonable, as the information packet is several pages in length. Instead of reading all of the information provided, a compromise seems to be to read the sections relating to individual concerns and to use a little common sense. Berthiaume states, “To avoid this kind of crime of opportunity, we encourage all community members to lock their vehicles and store any high value items out of sight.”


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