– March 10th, 2013 by Carly Stevens –
Charger Pride Poster

Wear Blue for Charger Pride

How much Charger pride do you have? Have you ever wanted to show it off? For every Friday in the month of March you can! All faculty, staff, students and alumni are encouraged to wear Colby-Sawyer apparel every Friday in order to spread school spirit all throughout campus. The event is known as “Charger Pride Month”. For one month, Colby-Sawyer College is ready to pump up the pride and take school spirit to the next level.

Director of Student Success and Retention, Tracy Perkins explains, “The idea came because many other colleges and universities do similar events to get their students involved on campus and to promote school enthusiasm.” This will be the first school spirit event since 2008 when Student Government sponsored Spirit Fest. In the past, Spirit Fest included a number of dress-up days and competitions between classes. Charger Pride Month will also include a competitive edge. Every Friday of the month, students from the Student Success and Retention Office will be in the dining hall during lunch hour with a number of school spirit giveaways. On the first Friday of the month, 500 “Charger Pride” buttons were given out. Students will also have the chance to earn points for every CSC or Charger blue item that they wear. Each item is worth 10 points. The points will be tallied over the course of 5 weeks. By the end of the month, gift certificates will be given out to the top few students earning the most points.

However, Charger Pride Month is not just for fun and games. According to the President of Student Government, Nick Ciarlante the event holds a number of benefits including on-going retention efforts, as well as getting current and perspective students excited about Colby-Sawyer College. Nick explained, “Recruiting prospective students to Colby-Sawyer and retaining current students is an easier task when there is a sense of not only community, but also school spirit and pride.”

While sporting her new Rugby attire, Sophomore Carly Baker stated, “I know that I am going to support the Chargers because I am now the Women’s Rugby Club President, and the support of my team is important to the success and growth of our club. Go Chargers!”

The spirit event will also coincide with March Madness in order to serve as a PR campaign for alumni to become more involved. Nick Ciarlante added, “We expect this to send a positive message. We want faculty & staff to display pride in their jobs and where they work. We want students and alumni to display pride in their alma mater, and for prospective students to be excited that they will be attending Colby-Sawyer College.” Charger Pride events will take place on the Colby-Sawyer Facebook page over spring break and will be back on campus Friday March 22 and 29.

For an entire month, the community of Colby-Sawyer College has the chance to prove just how much school spirit they have. No matter where you are on campus, this event is easy, and more importantly… fun! So, how much Charger pride do you have?

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