– February 25th, 2013 by Carly Stevens –

Swipe rule change has students abuzz

With its scrumptious meals and vibrant atmosphere, everybody wants a bite at the new cafeteria, but every bite has its price. This new building has been an excitement for all Colby-Sawyer students. However, due to student complaints about those who abuse the privilege, on Feb. 8 the dining hall began to enforce new policies to ensure no one takes advantage its services.


It has been brought to the dining hall’s attention that students both on campus and off have essentially been receiving free meals through invalid swipes, or the refusal to swipe whatsoever. In defense against this, the dining hall implemented new policies: the first being that students must swipe every time they enter the serving area. Many of the student’s reactions to the new policy were as expected–frustration.


After one day of the new policy, senior Jordie Scheiner expressed, “Every time I want seconds, I have to re-swipe, and most of the time I have to wait in a long line again.” Flustered off-campus senior Katie Kelly stated, “I am an off campus student and only get one swipe a day Monday through Friday. I don’t have the unlimited swipes just so that I can get a fork, or if I want a second drink or an ice cream. I thought it was ridiculous. It’s really inconvenient,”


In response to student’s reactions, the dining hall decided to fix the policy by requesting that students simply swipe once and show their smartcards every other time they enter the serving area. According to Sodexo General Manger Mike Heffernan, “The dilemma is not an accusation but a reality. We do not want to be distrusting, but it is all based on an honor system.” Heffernan expressed that the dining hall does not want to slow students down or hinder them from getting what they need, but the situation is serious and needs to be addressed.


The dining hall has continued to make various changes in order to please students while regulating the swipe system at the same time. A cart of utensils has been moved to the outside of the service area in order to accommodate students who need to grab additional silverware. Channels labeled “Enter here” and “Exit Here “have also been placed in front of the register to control the in and out process of the service area. “These slight changes are way easier and more convenient,” said Junior Meg DeCosta.


Although the issue will never be completely resolved, the dining hall staff feels strongly about the new policies and their benefits to the students. It is the process of keeping dishonest people out and making sure no one is abusing the privilege. “Your smartcard is your license to eat,” stated Mike Heffernan. Whether or not the policies maintain effectiveness and efficiency is for the future to tell, but one thing is for sure, it is up to the students.




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