– March 8th, 2013 by Abigail DelVecchio –

Study abroad program undergoes makeover

There has been some talk around campus that changes are occurring within the Study Abroad Program run through the Harrington Center. Although there are no broad, sweeping changes taking place, there are a few slight alterations being made in the attempt to make the possibility of going abroad more feasible for a wider range of students.

There are two main options to take in the study abroad process. The first is to apply to a university on the “preferred partner” list. This basically means that tuition and fees from Colby-Sawyer will transfer over and count as payment for the university abroad. The preferred partners list is part of the Home Tuition Model, which can be opted against if a student wants to go attend a college not on the list.

Study Abroad Coordinator Lauren Huffman explains, “If a student chooses to go on a program that is NOT on that Preferred Partner Programs list, they would still pay CSC, and their aid would still transfer, but they would be charged an additional surcharge from the college that would be determined at the time of application. This surcharge would be dependent on the program fee, and could range from $0 to $10,000 for the most expensive programs our providers offer. When a student comes to me and is thinking about what programs will be best for them, I will let them know what to expect as a surcharge based on the programs they are looking at. That is why it’s important for a student to meet with me as they are deciding on what program to study abroad with—because the surcharge is determined on a case-by-case basis. I will also help them work on locating private and government scholarships that may help make up the surcharge amount or just help with study abroad costs in general.”

Another addition to the CSC Study abroad community includes the newly founded Study Abroad Club. Junior Jessica Foye and Huffman spearheaded this idea fairly recently and are looking forward to what it will become in the near future. Foye explains, “The idea is to get the students who have studied abroad together and share their experiences with one another. We all have been through similar experiences so we can relate to all of the really crazy and exciting stories we have to share.”

The Study Abroad and Internship Fair was held this Wednesday from 3-5 pm in Wheeler Hall to spread awareness of the various programs available to students.

If anyone has any questions regarding studying abroad please contact lhuffman@colby-sawyer.edu .







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  1. I’d like to submit a correction to this article. As of Summer 2012, study abroad has not been run by the Harrington Center. It is now its own office, the Study Abroad Office, located in Colgate 238.



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