– March 28th, 2014 by Alana Jeralds –
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Student Art Exhibition allows artists to feel appreciated

Colby-Sawyer presents the 41 Annual Gladys Greenbaum Meyers Student Art Exhibition, with the grand opening March 27. Featuring students’ artwork, many hardworking artists entered their work to receive recognition.

The artwork including works of drawing, painting, photography, watercolor, ceramics, graphic design, sculpture, printmaking and mixed-media. All submissions entered were then able to be judged by each medium, and the student could then qualify for scholarships if at least five pieces of artwork were submitted.

As vibrant pieces of work hung upon the Sawyer Center’s walls, sophomore Elaine Miller pointed to her many pieces of art with pride. Placing second for painting, Miller was extremely excited for her work to be recognized and appreciated.

Looking at other’s work, Miller stated, “This is a very big honor to get so many pieces of my work put into the art show, as well as it being an honor to have so many members of the school here to see all of the student pieces. Many don’t realize how much studio time artists have to put into their work, and having so many people come out to enjoy our work with us is very rewarding.”

The feeling of success surrounded the Sawyer Center. Like Miller, the mood of the artists within the gallery was very uplifting, proud and grateful.

As artists admired other artists’ work, other students and faculty stood, with refreshments in hand, enjoying the fine pieces. The amount of variety astonishing, and the technique demonstrated in each piece was impressive.

Junior Krystyna Estrada circulated the Sawyer Center admiring the many pieces of art. “This art show really brings forth community,” Estrada explained. “It also brings forth peer support and recognition for the many artists.”

With many other art shows to come, all students are encouraged to enter the annual Gladys Greenbaum Meyers Student Art Exhibition. The feeling the artist gets when seeing their piece hung within an exhibition is unexplainable.

Miller would agree. “With my art, I felt like I finally had something that I loved myself and wanted to share it. I’d recommend others to share as well, and I know that I will participate again next year.”


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