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Spring sports fly south

As March break is around the corner, most people are getting ready for a well-deserved break. Everyone, but the Baseball, Tennis and Lacrosse teams as they begin to kick off the snow from their shoes.


The baseball and women’s lacrosse teams are traveling to Florida, while the Tennis team stays local. All have plans for competitive practices. With


Head Baseball Coach Jim Broughton states, “We are going to Winter Haven. We go every year. For the last five years we have been at Winter Haven.”


What’s so special about Winter Haven? Broughton exclaims, “We play ten games. It’s a location where hundreds of college teams head during the three to four week time period that everyone has a spring break.”


“A day is basically spent of the baseball field. We fly out Friday afternoon, and we get to the hotel roughly around 8p.m., and we have a double-header starting the next day,” said Broughton.


With the Charger’s baseball team spending roughly a week in paradise their schedule is fairly jam-packed. “We play two on Saturday, two on Sunday. We only play one Monday. Tuesday we have a day off to relax. Wednesday we play one game.Thursday we play two games. Friday we play two games, and then we fly back Saturday morning,” stated Broughton.


While the Charger Baseball team heads south for the break the tennis team decided to stay in New London.


“We not going south. We actually were going to stay up here and practice. We will be going out to the Albany, Schenectady area to play Union College on Saturday,” said Head Tennis Coach Barry Schoonmaker.


In pervious years the tennis team had join the baseball team on their adventures south, but this year it was time to change it up.


Schoonmaker specified, “We will get three matches in. We have been practicing for about a month. It’s time to play and see what they are doing well and what they’re doing poorly or need to work on more.”


With no outside pressure from traveling, Schoonmaker hopes to get a better idea of where his players are.


“We’ve had a month of just practicing running, jumping rope and all that sort of stuff. So now it’s time to play a little bit and see where it shifts from there. I know that they are ready to play. I’m sure they’d be happy if we played tomorrow. A month is a long time to just workout,” detailed Schoonmaker with a grin on his face.


With fairly relaxed plans for his team, Schoonmaker is trying to schedule one more game for his players, “ We may, it’s not confirmed yet, play Western New England on the way back on Sunday, and then I’m giving the guys a couple days off,and at the end of the week we will practice again and play Salem State up here probably at Dartmouth because of the snow.”


Luckily, the women’s Lacrosse team will not have to worry about snow. Head Coach Emiy-Rinde Thorsen stated, “Our goal is to practice outside, as long as we can and to be able to use the full field to our advantages. We have enough people traveling that we can play full field, so you know to scrimmage and to get some midfield transition.”


With a spring break full of Florida sun and team bonding. The Chargers women’s lacrosse team starts their week off with a game again Kenyon College, whose head coach just happens to be Colby-sawyer alumni.


“We are practicing Monday the day we get there, Tuesday morning we play Kenyon College. Wednesday they have two practices. Thursday we have another game, and Friday is just a day for them to sort of have a running workout in the morning and then they get to hangout,” exclaimed Thorsen.


Thorsen hopes that practicing on actually grass will help her players understand the game better. Thorsen explains, “My main goal is to re-create as many game like situations and scenario as possible for them. To be able to do it and sort of have muscle memory and to have fun and play out of region teams that we don’t usually play.”


Keep up with Colby-sawyer’s Baseball, Tennis and Women’s Lacrosse teams by visiting the Colby-Sawyer athletics’ page.




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