– April 25th, 2014 by Keenan Bartlett –
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Seniors shine on Scholar’s Day!

April 22, Colby-Sawyer College held its annual Susan Colby Colgate Scholar’s Symposium, an event where seniors present their capstones to students, faculty and community members. All classes were cancelled that day so students could attend the presentations to note the hard work and dedication the class of 2014 placed into their projects.

For the most of the seniors, their capstone project focuses on a topic they have heavily researched that is in some way related to their major, whether it is Biology, Sports Management, Business or Media Studies. Most seniors presented at a specific period of time during the day. Zach Hyde, Peter Schnell, and Marcus Jones, sports management majors major, presented a capstone project titled: Hydration Before and After Academic Intervention.

Hyde said that, “I learned throughout this project that more hydration studies need to be done to improve awareness, especially among coaches.”

“Our strengths counteract our weaknesses within the group,” according to Schnell. “Each of us was able to contribute significantly to the project and we got a lot of work done effectively.”

Another senior presenting his capstone is Media Studies major Eric Foulds. According to Foulds, his capstone focuses on whether student athletes in college should be paid due to the revenue brought to schools and NCAA through their play. “To explore this topic, I researched the current lawsuit at Northwestern, and television contracts.” Foulds also said that he, “Concluded athletes should be paid as employees of the schools they play for because it is a multi-billion dollar industry that the athletes contribute heavily too.”

Media Studies majors like Foulds presented their capstones at 8:30 a.m. in Ivey 201.

There were numerous underclassmen present at the presentations getting a feel for the setting for when they have to go through their own symposiums. Christi Wilson, a junior psychology major, said, “It’s interesting to see different majors to come together in an academic setting to present a finale of their liberal arts education.”

While some of capstones involve heavy amounts of research, some are much more group oriented. For instance, the business administration capstone is an airline simulation; where the group of students run a fictitious airline for three simulated years. Nick Ciarlante, CEO of his airline said, “This semester has definitely been difficult in terms of workload, we’ve easily put in more than 40 hours per week of work into this capstone class.”

Psychology major, Tori Meder, said, “I’m happy to be done with my presentations, I have wanted to showcase my project for so long now it was an exciting day.” The Scholar’s Symposium was a true showcase of what the seniors have worked towards all year long. This cap on their liberal education was a bittersweet feeling for most, a cross between relief and the realization that graduation is just around the corner. Meder also said, “I think the capstone project really helped me to prepare for the individual research I will be doing once I’m in grad school.”

Scholar’s day presentations began as early as 8:30 in the morning and ended around five. These presentations were the culmination of four years of work for the senior class.



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