– February 11th, 2013 by Mandy Clayton –
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“Rope” captures actors’ imaginations

A new play hit Sawyer center Feb. 1 and 2. Rope was an engaging play about two young men who decided to kill their subordinate classmate.

Rope was written by Patrick Hamilton and directed by talented sophomore Zachary Matson. “I was encouraged to volunteer to direct the play for this semester, and Rope is what came to mind because when watching it I was enveloped with it. I love the characters. I love the plot. I was on edge when the tension was mounting, and it pretty much inspired me to try to create the same feeling,” declared Matson.

Matson’s actors were elated to be involved with a play derived from Hitchcock’s version of Rope. “I saw the Alfred Hitchcock film a long time ago in a different school, and I loved it because I knew it was a stage play,” said senior Cory Schofield.

It was not your typical play. “This play is kind of ancient in its structure because you don’t see three act plays anymore and it’s very talkie at times but we like to think of the play as a volcano. It’s very slow and then finally something erupts, and it’s kind of just like fire works that you were waiting for,” pronounced junior Aaron Hodge.

The enactment was an overall success, with stellar performances that left the audience on their toes. “I expect it to be just an entertaining adventure overall and something everyone will be talking about once they leave,” professed Matson post performance.

Rope was an intriguingly enjoyable play that left the audience in amazement. “Even sadistic people can fall,” declared Alex Banat in response to what he hopes people took away from Rope.

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