– November 30th, 2012 by Parker Pearlstein –

Registration Runs as Usual

Once every semester students sit down with their course handbooks beside them to decide what the next step in their educational careers will be. A situation that can cause stress for many with the worry that they may not be able to get into all the classes they would like to or will need in order to graduate. These are situations the registrar’s office and the heads of the departments understand and work on to prevent.

Overall this semester there were fewer courses available for the spring of 2013 than were available for the current semester; however this does not mean fewer students. With the incoming freshman every year, there are caps on the number of students allowed in a particular pathway course or writing 105 courses at 17 students per course. When they begin their second semesters at the school they all move into courses that are capped at 25, lessening the number of courses needed. Like last year there were freshman psychology majors that had difficulty getting into many of their classes due to a larger number of students then usual.

Many worried at first that they wouldn’t get the credits or the requirements they needed to move on in their studies. Students such as Lexie Hamel, a sophomore psychology major, worried when three of her courses were wait listed. After figuring out a back up plan she waited to see if any of the courses opened up, and to her benefit two did over her summer break. Others like Katie Courtemanche didn’t get as lucky, but with a little bit reworking she was able to take the stepping stone courses the school requires to complete the liberal arts requirements.

Registrar Carole Parsons stated, “I work really closely with the department chairs and as a team effort. We usually know if we are going to run into an issue because we know how many students are first year sophomore, juniors, seniors are in each of the majors and minors. We knew going into the spring that freshman business students were going to have a harder time going into their second semester, and working with the department chair we made sure that every one got into one of their courses but they were aware that this was going to happen and are planning on opening up other courses for fall of 2013.”

These same steps that were used in order to make sure the group of freshman business majors were able to take their required courses are the same ones that allowed for psychology majors to push past their hurtles and the school will continue to take as long as its doors are open.


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