– February 25th, 2013 by Chad Reilly –

Recycle Mania aims to increase awareness

If you haven’t jumped on the green train by now, you are living in the past or just under a rock…a rock, which may be contaminated, and you need to move out ASAP.

For the past five years Colby-Sawyer College has been front-runners in its sustainability efforts. Cataloguing all of the environmentally friendly changes that the college has implemented would be a laundry list, but let’s focus on the most relevant.

In the energy category, the college has switched from heating oil to a more efficient and cleaner-burning propane to heat the campus facilities. While students were on their breaks, automatic sensory lights, boilers, heating valves and A/C units were integrated. Next, pumps for heating circulators were installed which use 50 percent less energy. These upgrades and changes enabled the college to receive the Public Service of New Hampshire Energy Efficiency Award.

Ware Student Center has been constructed with sustainability a top-priority, as well as accessibility and efficiency. The staff has begun to utilize Eco-Lab environmentally cleaners to reduce toxicity. Trays have been eliminated; take-out boxes were switched to take-out recycled papers and when possible produce is purchased fresh locally.

Everyday, the administrative team and Enactus (formally SIFE) are working for efficient solutions to prolong our environment resources. “We just invested in a huge proficiency project on campus, so we’ve made insulation in the buildings more efficient,” explained the Sustainability Coordinator, Jen White.

Recycling is the easiest way for anyone to reduce his or her carbon footprint and it is crucial to the survival of the earth. Your actions affect everyone, as everyone has a social responsibility to create a pollution-free planet. So what have the students been doing? “I usually make an effort to turn off the heat before I go to bed, even though my roommate says he’s freezing every night,” said Junior Cameron Hooper.

Senior Mike Cocce does things a bit differently to reduce his footprint, “I take colder showers, which makes me get out faster and use less water.” Basically, whatever gets the job done is the ideology of some students.

How are all of the little things people do going to be measured? January 17 marked the beginning of Recycle Mania, a competition between colleges as to which school uses the least amount of resources, which will be counted on a weekly basis until March 27. The entire idea is to spark a pattern of being environmentally friendly that stretches long after the competition ends. So let’s put CSC on the map and help to reach the goal of a 70 percent emissions reduction by 2020, so all can benefit. Living under a rock doesn’t sound too appealing anymore.



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