– March 8th, 2013 by Sarah Blake –
opn mic night

Postsecret open mic night bares all

Around 50 students showed up to the Lodge Feb. 21 to open mic night – Post Secret event hosted by the Campus Activities Board (CAB) and Safe Zones.

Some students showed up to showcase their talent, others came to post anonymous secrets and some came for free entertainment and food. There were 16 different performers, and their talents ranged from playing the ukulele to comedians to reciting Shakespeare’s Sonnets. First year Carrie Brewster, who was a spectator at the event, said “I didn’t expect people to do performances like comedy and the [poems]. I just went in expecting it to be all music, so that was exciting and interesting that there was a variety of performers.”

Performers that night integrated instruments and background music; some even sang a cappella. For many, like first year student Jesse Coffey, this was not their first time performing. “I always get nervous every time before I go on to perform,” said Coffey, “but as soon as I start performing I let it go and I start to enjoy myself a lot.” There was a wide array of talented poets, singers and comedians with different ranges of experience.

In between performances, secrets submitted anonymously were read. At any point in the show, somebody could submit a secret. Some secrets were jokes and lightened the mood a bit. Others were more serious, and made the audience feel sympathetic for the secret holder.

The point of sharing the secrets in between performances was to create an atmosphere where people feel secure in sharing their deepest secrets. Everybody has their secrets, and sometimes people feel relief to share them. “The point of Post Secret is to just get out your secret without having to tell someone,” Ashley Bridges, a first year member of Safe Zones, said. “[It shows] what’s going on here on campus that you might not know about with people here.”

The Post Secret event was inspired by a publishing company called Post Secret that accepts people’s secrets on postcards sent to them anonymously. The company then publishes the secrets in a book or on their website for other people to read and relate to.



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