– February 11th, 2013 by Lisa Ray –
Rental cars

Rental car program debuts on campus

Starting Jan. 23, students now have the opportunity to rent two 2012 Ford Focus cars through the Relay Rides service. The cars can be rented either by the hour, day or even week. Relay Rides is an online service that rents cars nationwide.

Senior Ashley Cail, stated, “I think this is a good idea because it helps those who don’t have a car on campus.”

Senior Liana Crawford, disagreed, stating, “To be completely honest, I think it’s silly. There is no limit to having cars on campus, so why take up more space with these rental cars.”

Crawford continued adding, “We allow freshmen to have cars, along with everyone else so why offer rental cars when you can easily be like: hey, roommate, friend, let me borrow your car for a minute. I just think it’s taking up more space than needs to, plus, didn’t we just agree to be more environmentally friendly? Making more pollution with extra cars isn’t really green.”

In order to rent one of the cars, a student must fill out an application online at www.relayrides.com. If the application is approved, then the student is required to attend a 30-minute, driving safety program. The program must be completed before the student is allowed to use the car. The programs will be offered on a weekly basis, but this could change due to demand.

The first orientation session was held in Ivey Jan 31.

After completing the program, the student needs to go back to the online site, www.relayrides.com, and fill out a request to rent a car form. Students may then pick up keys to the vehicle at the Campus Safety office, but only five minutes before their scheduled time. The cars will be kept near Shephard Hall.

Once the student is done using the car, he or she must refill the gas tank, record the mileage and return the keys to Campus Safety.

But there is a slight catch, students must be 21 years old or older in order to rent a vehicle. The minimum age was set at 21 due to the insurance policy.

Cail, stated, “Well that part’s unfair…If you hold a valid drivers license, then you should be able to rent the car.”

Sophomore, Taylor Wright agreed with Cail, adding, “For the most part only seniors and some juniors are 21, so it seems like it is a privilege for them, but not others.”

Junior Amanda Giovannucci disagreed with Cail and Wright, “I think it’s reasonable to have an age limit set because some car rentals already have it in effect.”

All drivers must have a valid driver’s license, with a safe driving record as well. International students who have obtained a valid drivers license will be allowed to rent through Relay Rides.

Senior Madeline Venezia stated, “I think this is a good opportunity for international students who may not have had access to a car previously.”

For more information, students can e-mail rrnewlondon@yahoo.com.

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