– February 11th, 2013 by Chad Reilly –
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New cafeteria has students buzzing with anticipation

After much anticipation, months of hammering and drilling filling the quiet atmosphere, countless ruined sleep-ins due to construction noise, squeezing like sardines in the windowless makeshift-cafe, standing in lines out the door for a taste of chow, here it is folks…. the new cafeteria of the Ware Student Center is up and running!

So what are the major changes? The General Manager of Sodexo, Mike Heffernan, says there are numerous additions, variations and elements to look forward to. The new Soup and Salad bar allows for more accessibility, and starting in February a new “build a better salad” program will be implemented. MyZone, an allergen free zone designed to provide a safe environment for those with special dining needs or diets is now available, which is located left of the stir-fry station.

Also, two new Panini-presses and toasters are available for unlimited use, accompanied by a “Flavor Shots” station for added healthy spices. On a final note, Heffernan whole-heartedly pleads for the students not to remove any of the new glassware or cups.

The additions are somewhat covered, so what do people think of the atmosphere and accessibility around the eatery? The human traffic flow is certainly better, and circulation jams are only a result of students being indecisive of where to go next. Here comes the crucial part of any new development: the reviews. “It definitely has more room to move around and I like that the stations are further away so the lines to get to the food are not as long,” remarked senior Katie Buck. “I like the new design and think it is beneficial, since Colby-Sawyer wants to expand the student body. However, compared to the cafe from freshman year, it is less personal and less welcoming,” commented senior Michelle Ina Wakefield.

While chomping on a cheeseburger, senior Tyler Wickens uttered, “I wish they made the food a little better, rather than putting in more seating.” Meanwhile, junior Cam Hooper is enjoying his updated feature, “The stir fry bar has a better variety, and the chef is nice and knows me by name at this point.”

Nevertheless of all other aspects of the new place-to-be on campus, sophomore Lauryn Cornish has her eye on the decorative look. “It’s perfectly spacious with a nice color scheme.” Regardless of the mixed reviews, everyone on campus should agree that bigger is better, especially when it comes to the new cafeteria. Bon appetit!

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  1. Chuck Reilly says:

    Chad, great piece for your first published article. Send it to Larry Rasky and any of his people you talked to. Call me later today on getting up there for a ski. Great job, we are proud of you Big Guy. Eight weeks to go. Dad.

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