– February 25th, 2013 by Abigail DelVecchio –

Nemo tests snow removal preparedness

A nor’easter recently hit the Colby-Sawyer campus, along with much of New England, and threw the college for a loop. The storm, named Nemo, cancelled classes on Feb. 8 and continued to cause problems campus wide for almost a week afterwards. Snow removal did not take place until Feb. 13, regardless of the 24 plus inch accumulation.

The main priority of facilities, in such a situation, is to keep the main roadways and evacuation routes open in case of emergency. Students are responsible for their own vehicles and the removal of these vehicles during the designated time periods specific to each lot and location on campus. This is oftentimes an issue when a student is off campus and has not received the notifications as to when to remove his or her car.

Another issue arises when the dozens of cars from lots are evacuated with no other location to go. A line of aggravated cars down Seaman’s road usually develops, Nemo being no exception. In terms of off campus housing, there poses other complications as they are usually cleared last. Most off campus occupants have internships and other off campus responsibilities and having their car trapped poses an issue. Off campus residents are responsible for planning a time to clear their individual house lots.

However, arrangements are sometimes lost in the chaos of the campus needs. Senior Alicia Pinette is a Nursing major who lives in a campus owned house explains her difficulties with facilities arriving in time to clear them out, “Some of the people in my building had to drive to preceptorship the morning after the storm. After calling facilities, and waiting for a few hours, our next door neighbor was nice enough to plow us out instead.”

It is understandable that facilities cannot reach in everyone and cater to all the students’ needs however. Senior Matthew Lambert sympathizes with the facilities employees, “It can be frustrating at times when you are occupied with your own student and internship responsibilities and you have to stop, but the whole campus needs assistance. I would imagine the whole snow removal process is very stressful for everyone involved, the facilities employees in particular.”

There are varying opinions on campus as to how successful or unsuccessful the whole snow removal process was. Regardless of the opinion on the matter, Nemo was handled and it’s time to await the next storm.


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