– November 16th, 2012 by Molly Mattern –

Name change met with student indifferance

Oct. 20, the Board of Trustees settled on a proposal that would change the name of the Ware Campus Center to the Ware Student Center.

The Student Government Association, with a backing by the Student Development committee initiated the proposal. During the Oct. 20 Board of Trustees meeting the motion was unanimously approved.

The name change grasps the initiative that the College took with the construction on Ware, with the emphasis put on the building turning into a thriving student center.

“I honestly didn’t even know that they had changed the name of Ware. I guess it does go with what the college is trying to do with that building, but it hasn’t affected me on a personal level.” Katie Buck, a senior, said.

The change hasn’t seemed to affect the Colby-Sawyer community in a large way. Joe Rand, a junior, stated, “They changed the name? I didn’t even know that. I always just refer to it as ‘Ware’ anyways. I don’t think the name change will stop students from calling it that.”

For some students though, the change is positive.

“I just found out the name had been changed, and I think it really gives the building a new, solid foundation. I mean, all of these new projects have been undertaken by the college, and with new projects comes change. I think the new name is a smart move by the college and it will help present the college, as a whole, in a better light. I can see future students visiting the school and being engaged by the fact that we have a student’s center. I think it will draw people in.” Jessica Foye, a junior, stated.


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