– February 11th, 2013 by Shannon Hutchins –
men struggle to finish

The highs and lows of a long season

The Colby-Sawyer men’s basketball team this season has had some euphorically high wins, but the team also knows the devastation of losing in the final seconds of a game.

Head Coach Bill Foti, who has been at the helm of the men’s team since 1992, characterizes this season as “frustrating,” and when referring to the team’s 10-11 record he said, “Your record reflects what you are; you are what the record says you are.”

Senior Guard Paul Holland echoes similar sentiments. Holland was also quick to point out that the season has been “rocky.”

Foti explained, “We have lost a lot of close games. Six out of seven one possession games we have lost,” and the Chargers team lost a heartbreaking game Feb.1. In the devastating defeat Foti said, “We made a lot of good plays to come back,” but he also explains that the short comeback “gets lost in the memory bank.”

Foti explains that the devastating losses can sometimes be chopped up to dumb luck because in “normal years you’ll win some close games and lose some, and in a bad year you’ll lose them all.” He believes the last possession losses this year can be chalked up to the fact that “sometimes you don’t make a play and the other team makes a play.”

Photos taken by Ekta Sampson

As an example Foti cited the Chargers loss last weekend to Thomas College, which came at the heels of a Thomas player tapping the ball to a player under the basket with three-tenths of a second left. If the player had been even a second later, then the Chargers would have won and rather than wallowing in defeat the team would have ridden a euphoric high to a comeback win.

While the team has had a rocky and up and down season Foti, Holland and others seem determined to right the ship going into the North Atlantic Conference (NAC) playoffs which begin in a few weeks.

Holland said that the team needs to “start games better and play more consistent throughout our games rather than playing well during a certain period of a game,” and Foti argues that the team has the ability to block out previous wins and losses , which will help down the stretch.

Despite the seesaw nature of the season Foti praises the team’s ability to look ahead rather than dwell on previous games. He also argues that the added sense of urgency as the playoffs near will be good for the team.

Foti explained, “All teams feel a sense of urgency at this point in the season because some are fighting to make the playoffs while others are fighting to secure home court advantage etc.”

The Chargers boast a 6-3 home record would love to secure a home playoff berth considering that when the Chargers travel to opponent territory they are 4-6. Nevertheless, the Chargers have a real possibility of securing a home playoff game at some point are using that as motivation to go into the remaining four games.

Holland argues that the home record is so skewed because, “We have great home support from our fans,” which allows the team to “play with energy and passion.” Foti adds, “Athletes are creatures of habit,” and they play so well in front of the home crowd because they are “playing in front of friends and family, and the shooting environment is familiar because they’ve played there before.”

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