– November 30th, 2012 by Abigail DelVecchio –
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Juried art show shows off student talent

The Wesson Honors Program held the opening for its second annual Juried Art Exhibition Nov. 29. GOAT (Guild of Artistic Thinkers) worked with the CSC Honors program to create another student run art show in which all are eligible to join. This is a great opportunity for all students to enter any pieces they are proud of and would like to share with not only the campus but with the community. There is no discrimination as to discipline of art allowed to be submitted, including photography, printmaking, sculpture, painting, ceramics, drawing and graphic design.

Senior Kimberly McNally explains the importance of having this exhibition, “Last year the art show was really cool. It’s awesome to have the opportunity for students to show their work and for all the art majors to show the progress they’ve made over their education here.” The culmination of work is a wonderful way to display the talent of every type of student at CSC. Junior Victoria Rennie states, “I love how non-art majors are allowed to join the show. It’s one of the only opportunities that all majors get to join together and show another side of them.”

As an incentive to share creative work, there are cash prizes offered for best in show for design, best in show for creativity and best in show for originality. There is also a Wesson Honors choice cash prize with an addition of the value of the artist’s piece. The final prize being offered is supported by GOAT itself, which entails a collection of art supplies to be given to the winner.

Applicants were allowed to submit three of their favorite pieces for consideration in order for the judges to fully understand the depth of their work.

The show itself is open to all community members, students, friends and family who wish to view the creativity displayed by Colby-Sawyer students.

If there are any questions or concerns about the submission process or the art show itself, feel free to e-mail Caitlynn Doocey at caitlynn.doocey@my.colby-sawyer.edu


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