– October 5th, 2012 by Lisa Ray –

Increase in wireless devices leads to slower internet?

Is it wise to invest in an Ethernet cord to improve the Internet speed? Learning Commons Coordinator Jim Hanlon believes so.

So far this year Hanlon has received a few complaints from students about the Internet working slowly. Sophomore Jordan Soutiere agreed with the complaining students saying, “It’s so incredibly slower. It took me 24 hours to download a game. I can’t use the Internet without getting frustrated.”

Senior Reeve Fidler disagreed with Soutiere stating, “I think the Internet is a little faster, but it depends where I am cause it could be good or really slow like in the Colgate lab. And when it is slow, I use an Ethernet cord, and it works just fine.”

Soutiere added, “They need more bandwidth.” Hanlon said the bandwidth has been increased, but because a multitude of students are trying to access the Internet at once, usually between the hours of 8 p.m. and midnight, the increase does not affect the speed too much. Currently the bandwidth is a third of where the school hopes to increase it to.

Director of Information Resources Kenneth Kochien stated, “We currently have 245MB of bandwidth. Last September (2011) we had 45MB and in January 2012, we added 100MB. Then this September we added another 100 MB. We are monitoring internet traffic and are prepared to add more if needed.”

While the bandwidth is increasing, so is the student body, which makes it hard to keep up. Hanlon said, “There are more students than ever before, and now everyone has multiple devices that use the internet, such as smart phones, lap tops and Xboxes and so on.”

Kochien added ,, “Students are now bringing multiple wireless devices to campuses. It is not uncommon for a student to have a smart phone, laptop and gaming device. We strongly encourage students in Resident Halls to plug-in their devices, if possible, when they are experiencing difficulties. That will provide the best on-campus performance.”

Junior Alicia Reynolds stated, “I haven’t noticed much of a difference since last year. The only time the connection gets iffy is when I’m using Skype.”

Hanlon continued, “It’s best to get an Ethernet cord because it speeds up the connection. When using an Ethernet cord, the connection speed is twice as fast, if not more.”

Senior Brad Levy said, “I haven’t had any problems with it though maybe that’s because I use an Ethernet cord.”

Future plans to help the speed of the Internet also include adding more wireless controllers. Ware will be the first building to add wireless controllers once construction is complete. By next fall, the supplementary wireless controllers will be in every building.


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