– February 25th, 2013 by Ella Tucan –
improv show

Improv show earns praise from students and performers alike

Wednesday, Feb. 13, Colby-Sawyer students gathered in Wheeler Hall of the Ware Campus Center to enjoy the first improv show of the semester, performed by the CSC Players’ troupe.


Led by senior John Clarke, the improv troupe received overwhelmingly positive results from the audience, who laughed and cheered as the actors staged games and scenarios like questions, film noir and interviews.


Audience involvement was high; viewers made many suggestions regarding the situation, relationship, names, or location of many improvised scenes and characters. “It was very nice to have friends and people who support you come see the show,” senior Josh Hardy, one of the performers, said afterwards. “We had some regulars and some new faces, which was great,” he continued.


The show also incorporated props as part of the act. Random everyday objects such as paint rollers and fluffy slippers, along with the more unusual rubber crocodile, took on new and hilarious meaning as used by the Players.


“I thought it was really great of them to incorporate a theme of props,” senior Devin Wilkie said, while community members Jay Lambert found the show “hysterical” and Linda Lambert said it was “hilarious and creative.”


Many of the jokes involved members of the campus community and other topics central to Colby-Sawyer students, as the performers tailored the show to their audience. The last act, Scenes from a Hat, drew the most laughter from the audience and was definitely one of the highlights of the night.


“I like how the actors had really good chemistry,” junior Yulia Petrova said. The performers seemed to her like a really tightly knit group.


The improv troupe was started as a separate part of the CSC Player Club by Travis Carlson in 2010 and taken over by Clarke last year. They usually perform three of four shows every semester.


Clarke had only words of glowing praise for the performers, stating, “I am very satisfied with our team this year. They have stepped up and it’s really great. They only disappoint me sometimes.”


One of the very few criticism students had was that the show ran too long, but this was a minor flaw in what they otherwise saw as a very fun event. “The beginning part was entertaining, while the ideas and energy [were] fresh,” freshman Julie Pitman commented, adding, “However, it lasted too long.” Wilkie disagreed, thinking, “They’ve greatly improved their ability to choose end scene moments over last time.”


Ultimately, for most students this was “a great way to spend a Wednesday night, entertaining and thrilling” as junior Juliette Longvall said.


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