– February 11th, 2013 by Carly Stevens –
Danforth Damage

Danforth Hall flood dampens students’ moods

Rushing waters drive their way through the suits of Danforth Hall. Around 1 a.m. on Jan. 20, a pipe elbow in Danforth Hall collapsed. According to Vice President for Administration and Assistant Treasurer Doug Atkins, water had collected in a pipe elbow within the fire sprinkler system in the attic. The pipe elbow froze and split. Due to excessive amounts of water, the college was forced to relocate 40 residents who were returning from winter break.

In response to the incident, the college sent out an email to all residents and students. Occupants of Danforth were contacted regarding their relocation prior to moving back into the dorm from break. Out of 130 residents, 40 were forced to temporarily move.

“As far as how the school is handling it, I could not be more impressed,” expressed junior Jess Foye. As stressful as the process of relocating has been, Foye was relieved to find that none of her belongings or her roommate’s belongings were damaged.

Suites 62 and 63 appeared to have the most damage from the incident. Most of these impairments included replacements of ceilings, walls and flooring. The college’s property insurance is covering the damages to the building.

Residents of spoiled areas were relocated to open rooms all around campus for up to two weeks. The college’s Residential Education board consistently sent out emails to update each of the 40 relocated students on the construction and time frame of when they would be able to move back in. Campus safety also worked with students by allowing those with cars to park in spots closer to their temporary housing as a place for them to store their possessions.

At this point, the college has had the sprinkler system in the attic of the building serviced and checked by the sprinkler company. As far as the future is concerned, there are no guarantees in regards to the conditions of the pipes in Danforth or any other building. Anything can happen, such as the flood seen in Rooke Hall earlier this year. These events are sometimes hard to control.

Throughout the weeks following the flood, the 40 students were allowed to slowly move back into Danforth. By Feb. 4, all of the students were given clearance to their rooms.

“The understanding and cooperation of all the Danforth residents is very much appreciated,” stated Doug Atkins in his final remarks concerning the episode.

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