– April 26th, 2013 by Mandy Clayton –
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Evening of dance showcases professional and student styles

Colby-Sawyer College presented an Evening of Dance in Two Acts this past weekend April 19 to 20. The dance show was called “Classics to Contemporary.”

“This will be my sixth dance show that I have completed. I have been doing it sense my freshman year,” exclaimed Lauren Rocheleau with a smile.

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Dance Laura Dunlop Shepherd, accompanied by guest choreographer Natalie Mavor Miles who is also the owner of The Newport Ballroom, artistically directed act one.

According to Ashley O’Malley, “Preparing for Miss Laura’s class is defiantly a lot more work because we get credit for it. We try to work harder and rehearse the dances a lot and really try perfect each dance to make sure it’s clean. It is a little different than dance club, but they each have a lot of work.”

Students who preformed in act one were taking Shepherds’ class here at Colby-Sawyer where they went in depth with their particular dances.

“We started in the end of January when we got back from winter break. For this show we did rehearsals the entire week before Sunday to Thursday before the Friday night show, we had rehearsal everyday,” stated Colleen Mary Burke.

Act two featured student choreography from the Colby-Sawyer Dance Club. The opening song for act two really got the crowd moving again after the intermission.

“There were some people in the audience on Thursdays dress rehearsal like RA’s, and staff members who want to be there but couldn’t on Friday or Saturday,” specified Rocheleau.

Interestingly enough all the dancers go though what they call “hell week”– the week prior to the show. This is when all the dancers perfect their dances, costumes, lighting, and even transitioning.

Burke said, “We call it “hell week” because its just everyone has so much work and we have to be there everyday but by the time it’s show time everyone is really prepared.”

Most people thought Saturday night’s show was better than Friday’s show. This is because the dancers usually use Friday’s night show as second rehearsal.

“Both shows went really well, but I’ve always like the second night. It always feels better the second night,” said O’Malley with a grin.

Both Acts were a great combination of professionals and fun. Keep up with the Dance Club or to find out more about Laura Dunlop Shepherds classes by visiting the Colby-Sawyer College Fine and Preforming Arts page: www.colby-sawyer.edu/arts.


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